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When it comes to scour, you can’t beat milk

Milk is the best source of energy and fluid replacement for scouring calves and lambs and stopping milk has been shown to have no impact on the resolution of scour. In fact, calves left on milk during scour can continue to gain weight.

Milk doesn’t just help during scour though – its benefits can be felt before and after scour too.

Together we are helping farmers tackle scour

Scour can present a big problem for farmers, providing a double hit of reduced weight gain and deaths during an outbreak but also impacting the production prospects of surviving animals.

Understanding why and how scour happens is important to make sure that the right approach is being used to tackle it, ensuring losses are minimised now and into the future.

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Why does milk matter to scouring calves and lambs?

Let us help you make Milk Matter against scour on your farm

Understanding the deadly nature of dehydration and acidosis is key to choosing the right approach to tackling scour. Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is essential to correct the dehydration and acidosis that scour causes, giving the animal the best chance to recover and maintain weight. Rehydion allows continued milk feeding during scour, so you can make Milk Matter.

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Make Milk Matter by getting involved

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