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Supporting scouring animals

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It is the dehydration and acidosis that scour causes that kills, so replacing fluid and electrolytes is key to supporting scouring animals.

This is most effectively achieved via Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)

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Replace fluids

Rehydion allows continued milk feeding, as it does not affect milk clotting. Milk clots prevent scour getting worse and are essential for optimal digestion. Animals should also routinely have free access to clean water.

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Replace electrolytes

Rehydion is the only oral rehydration therapy gel that contains sufficient electrolytes per dose to correct acidosis and allows continued feeding of milk. Rehydion contains alkalising agents to correct the deficit of a scouring calf.

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Be easy to administer

Rehydion can be mixed (and stays mixed) with milk, using the simple calf dosing cap, or it can be administered directly using a dosing pump/syringe.

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Not risk worsening scour

Rehydion not only allows milk to clot, it also does not contain excessive glucose, which can make scour worse by causing osmotic diarrhoea.

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