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Rehydion - Allowing you to
make Milk Matter against scour

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Rehydion is the only oral rehydration therapy gel that provides sufficient essential electrolytes to correct acidosis and still allow continued milk feeding (when given at the recommended levels), as it does not disturb milk clot formation.

Rehydion can be used during scouring, or as a proactive supportive measure when animals are potentially at risk of stress or infection, e.g.:

  • When colostrum quality may be poor (e.g. due to poor dam nutrition)
  • If slow to suckle after birth
  • When in contact with other scouring animals
  • Around weaning or when feed is changed
  • Around transport/moving/handling
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We have now used Rehydion successfully for many years. It is easy to administer as it is simply diluted in milk, which means there is no interruption to milk feeding.
Simon Wells, Dairy Farmer, Bath
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